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<H2>Welcome Back To Health</strong>

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Food Intolerance Testing

Book an Intolerance Test to find out which foods may be causing digestive, skin and other health issues

Find out if you are dairy or gluten Intolerant

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<H1>Food Intolerance Testing
<H2>Book a comphrehensive Health Scan

Book a comphrehensive Health Scan


Concerned about your health ?

Want to know whats going on ?
Book a MedTrac health Scan today.
Free Repeat Test if nothing found.
Online Service available.

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<H1>Regain your Health

Regain your Health


We are dedicated to improving your health by treating digestive problems, food intolerance, mineral deficiencies, autoimmune disorders, bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections.
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Don't Suffer any Longer


We treat many conditions including:

Let us help you now.

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<H1>Don't Suffer any Longer

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Purchase therapist grade vitamins and supplements not available in shops

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<H1>Visit our Health Store

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<h2>St James Hospital Clinic Malta

St James Hospital Clinic Malta


AllergyExpert has three clinics in Malta and two in the UK. Our latest clinic is located in the stunning new St James Hospital in Tarxien. We offer an online service to international clients.
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